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Mr.Wany born in Brindisi in 1978 is closer to Writing in 1990 only 12 years. He graduated from the Art School and continued his studies in Rome at the International School of Comics. “In 2000 he moved to Bologna, where until 2007 he worked as art director for one of the largest publishers of Japanese cartoons and comics. In 20 years of hard realizes graffiti art work and projects for Casio G Shock, Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Timberland, Volkswagen, MTV, Mediaset, Avis, Toei Animation Japan, Reebok, Eastpack, Rai Sat Smash Sky, Ecko, Irolank, Vibram.

In 2005, his fame explodes abroad so that he was invited to numerous meetings and exhibitions in England, France, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Spain, Greece, Bosnia, Svezia, Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Ecuador, Malesya, Russia and USA. With “Street Art Sweet Art” exhibition staged by the Vittorio Sgarbi and Alessandro Riva, at the PAC in Milan there are finally the conditions for working or the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) in San Paulo in Brazil and in major European capitals like London or Paris.

So in 2007 he signed a contract with a gallery in which works for about a year that will bring him to live in Milan. After this interlude on his work is required and begins to work independently with galleries and museums around the world. After two very successful solo shows and numerous high-profile international group in 2012 he was invited to exhibit at the 54th and 55th Venice Biennale.

Writes the critic Marco Meneguzzo: “Mr.Wany prepare a post-atomic landscape, often inhabited by a humanity mixed (races and metals), where the East becomes the East physiognomic fantastic manga. And ‘the revival of exoticism mysterious as it may make in a world where there are more “exotic”.

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