GGT is an artist from Milan who produces images at 360 degrees. His career begins as an underground cartoonist in 1990, and with time he develops his communicative skills to include various expressive means, from vjing to short films, painting and drawing. Whatever the medium – canvas, cartoons, stickers, visuals, animations, murals, objects of design – the common denominator is constituted by a simple and direct style, based on the use of basic colors that are easily perceived, and contoured by thick and distinct strokes.

Similarly distinct are the images that GGT creates, made of recurring universal icons such as hearts, monsters, crowns, bombs, TVs, halos. This intended formal simplicity is accompanied, as often is the case, by a complexity of content, of the underlying messages his works convey. Each of his creations can in fact be read on a variety of levels, allowing them to be easily approached by anyone, without distinctions of age, sex, or education, and thus reaching the main goal of his endeavors.

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