Ale Senso

Ale Senso

Ale Senso (Alessandra Odoni) comes from Bergamo, Italy. Lives actually in Berlin.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Since 1996 she is actively involved in graffiti and urban art. She also deals with painting and site specific installations.

In 2007 she began her personal project “Derelict Building”, painting, photography and site specific installation in abandoned places or buildings where she likes to go, explore and paint. The output of which she presents on exhibitions as light boxs, photographs and sometimes even videos.
She says that these abandoned places, are not only the presence in the urban context of states of abandonment of industrial areas or neighborhoods, but they also represent manifestations of “suspended zones”, places that stay between the borders, two worlds that take a form of dream through her pictural interventions.

Ale Senso enjoys to traveling, she has participated in several exhibitions and festivals dedicated to Urban art, was a finalist of the International Terna Prize, has to collaborated for several companies such as Adidas, Fiat, Budweiser, Vodafone, Rai Tunes. Her educational workshop titled “Street Art Base”, is still in progress
at the Mart (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto).

She is also a member of TDK crew and of the Interplay Art Group from Milan, with whom she collaborated in several projects of experimental street art, a creative cocktails of mixed media between painting and installation elements.

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